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Vynckier’s #1 Time Saving Offer: Modified Enclosures

Vynckier Enclosure Systems offers a comprehensive modification program to fit any project. We pride ourselves on the ability to repeatedly produce professional and accurate enclosure modifications every time.

We can customize your enclosures to your requirements and save your time and energy that would normally be spent doing so. Let us streamline your procedure by sending your enclosure complete with any holes, cut outs, windows, etc. that your specific job requires.

Vynckier’s professionally trained engineering staff coupled with state of the art design software and technologically advanced equipment produce perfect enclosure modifications of any size, shape and quantity.

  • Custom hole sizes and shapes
  • Custom cutout sizes and shapes
  • Custom window sizes and shapes
  • Vent, A/C, heater and air filter installation
  • Aluminum panel customization and threaded insert installation
  • Custom colors
  • Silk screening
  • EMI/RFI shielding

Send us a drawing or prototype and we will get our best pricing to you and help ensure your project is a success from budgetary stage to finished production.

Our machining capabilities allow quick turnaround, even at high quantities.

Once your enclosure is created according to your specifications, there is a quality control process before it ships to help provide turnkey service. Your product will ship fully assembled and ready to protect your product.

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