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Flotection™ Leak Detection System

Flotection™ Building Main Shutoff System

We offer Flotection™ leak detection to prevent flooding in facilities.

Flotection™ Benefits &Features

The Flotection™ prevents store flooding which can cost up to millions of dollars in product loss as well as store damage. This system integrates with store EMS system to give you constant feedback.

  • Meets major retailer's internal audit requirements
  • Front of panel indication:
    • Day/Open mode
    • Night/Away mode
    • Fault condition indication while panel is in Night/Away mode
  • Valves and sensors are complete with 120 V actuators, prewired to connect to panel
  • Three 12 ft cords connect panel to valves and flow sensor, prevents wiring errors in the field

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Flotection Presentation

Flotection Cut Sheet

Flotection Box & Panel 1

Flotection Box & Panel 2

Flotection Box & Panel 3

Flotection Control Panel

Flotection Schematics 4

Flotection Schematic 5

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