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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of enclosures do you make?

The smallest is 2.5" x 2.5" and the largest is 50" x 40".

Can nVent HOFFMAN fiberglass enclosures withstand a heavy impact?

Many of our enclosures have been tested to withstand an impact of 44.25 ft/lb.

If I order enclosures from nVent HOFFMAN, how long will it take to ship?

Orders from stock will ship the next business day. Modified orders ship in 5 to 20 working days.

What are "modular enclosures"?

Our APO, VMS and Polysafe Series provide the option for two or more enclosures to be coupled or joined together vertically or horizontally to create dual compartments, expanded depth and greater interior space than a standard size enclosure.

How did the fiberglass enclosures come about?

Leo Bakeland, hired by nVent HOFFMAN, developed a compound known as Bakelite. Bakelite molding powders were the forerunner to today's fiberglass. From this process, an enclosure was developed and the first meter and fuse boxes made of synthetic material were introduced in 1932.

Have nVent HOFFMAN enclosures always had that name in the US?

Originally, nVent HOFFMAN was introduced in the US in the sixties under the name of English Electric.

If you don't sell metal enclosures, how is fiberglass reinforced polyester, or FRP better?

FRP resists corrosion, it is maintenance free, reduces the risk of electrical shock, free of halogens to be flame retardant, (self extinguishing eliminating release of toxic fumes), light weight, resistant to many harsh chemicals, weather resistant (from-59ºF to +302ºF), water and dust resistant.

How can I find the right enclosure for my size requirements?

Our website has a lot of information about each box we manufacture. If you still have questions after looking around you can call us at 888-837-1114, find your local Representative here or email us here.

Are you competitively priced?

Bring us the opportunity and you will see for yourself.

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